Bomarea multiflora (L.f.) Mirb. | Alstroemeria multiflora L.f. | Bomarea frondea Mast. |
Mutis, J.C., Drawings of the Royal Botanical Expedition to the new Kingdom of Granada (1783-1816)
Draw. Roy. Bot. Exped. Granada

t. 290
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name recognized:
149772 Bomarea multiflora (L.f.) Mirb.
name recognized (basionym):
48206 Alstroemeria multiflora L.f.

name cited:
149695 Bomarea frondea Mast.

drawing: Francisco Javier Matis Mahecha Pedro Advíncula de Almanza
family: Amaryllidaceae
subfamily: Alstroemerioidae
epithet cited: frondeus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: multiflorus,-a,-um

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Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid

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homotypic synonyms:
Alstroemeria multiflora L.f.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Alstroemeria bredemeyeriana Willd. ex Kunth; Alstroemeria caldasiana (Herb.) Hemsley; Alstroemeria caldasii Kunth; Alstroemeria floribunda Kunth; Alstroemeria purpurea Willd. ex Steudel; Bomarea ambigua Sodiro; Bomarea borjae Sodiro; Bomarea caldasiana Herb.; Bomarea caldasii (Kunth) Asch. & Graebn.; Bomarea caldasii (Kunth) Herb.; Bomarea floribunda (Kunth) Herb.; Bomarea foliolosa Kraenzl.; Bomarea frondea Mast.; Bomarea halliana Herb.; Bomarea microcephala Sodiro; Bomarea oligantha Baker; Bomarea rigidifolia Sodiro; Bomarea turneriana Herb.; Bomarea vegasana Killip; Bomarea vestita Baker;
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6 149772 Bomarea multiflora (L.f.) Mirb. (L.f.) Mirb. [Bomarea frondea Mast.]
J.C. Mutis, Draw. Roy. Bot. Exped. Granada: t. 290 (1783-1816) [Francisco Javier Matis Mahecha & Pedro Advíncula de Almanza]