Crepidium khasianum | Microstylis khasiana Hook.f. |
ID illustration: 128365ID basionym cited:669344
ID publication: 172ID species cited:669344
ID volume: 1273ID basionym recognized:0
ID genus cited: 12413ID species recognized:1136018
ID genus recognized: 2457

Annals of the Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta (1888-1921)
Ann. Roy. Bot. Gard. (Calcutta)

vol. 8(2): (1888)
t. 17
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name recognized:
1136018 Crepidium khasianum

name cited:
669344 Microstylis khasiana Hook.f.
R. Pantling
family: Orchidaceae
subfamily: Epidendroideae
tribe: Malaxideae

Illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Microstylis khasiana Hook.f.;

heterotypic synonyms:
Malaxis khasiana (Hook.f.) H. Hara; Malaxis khasiana (Hook.f.) K.M. Matthew; Malaxis khasiana (Hook.f.) Kuntze;
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Crepidium khasianum (Hook.f.) Szlach. [Microstylis khasiana Hook.f.]
Ann. Roy. Bot. Gard. (Calcutta), vol. 8(2): t. 17 (1891) [R. Pantling]