Cucurbita pepo L. [ Cucurbita ovifera L.]
Bessler, B., Hortus Eystettensis (1613)
Hort. Eystett.

vol. 3 (1620)
t. 348 f. II
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name recognized:
297580 Cucurbita pepo L.

name cited:
297576 Cucurbita ovifera L.

cited non-linnean name:
Pseudocolocynthis pyriforma

drawing: B. Besler
family: Cucurbitaceae
subfamily: Cucurbitoideae
tribe: Cucurbiteae
epithet cited: oviferus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: pepo

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Illustration contributed by:
Teyler museum, Haarlem, Netherlands
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homotypic synonyms:
Cucumis pepo (L.) Dumort.; Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera (L.) Alef; Cucurbita pepo var. melopepo (L.) Alef.; Cucurbita pepo subsp. ovifera (L.) D.S.Decker;
heterotypic synonyms:
Citrullus variegatus Schrader ex M. Roemer; Cucumis zapallo Steudel; Cucurbita aurantia Willd.; Cucurbita ceratoceras Haberle ex Mart.; Cucurbita clodiensis Nocca; Cucurbita courgero Ser.; Cucurbita elongata Bean ex Schrader; Cucurbita esculenta Gray; Cucurbita fastuosa Salisb.; Cucurbita grisea M. Roemer; Cucurbita hybrida Bertol. ex Naudin; Cucurbita lignosa Miller; Cucurbita mammeata Molina; Cucurbita mammosa J. Gmelin; Cucurbita marsupiiformis Haberle ex M. Roemer; Cucurbita melopepo L.; Cucurbita oblonga Link; Cucurbita polymorpha Duchesne; Cucurbita pomiformis M. Roemer; Cucurbita pyridaris Duchesne ex Poiret; Cucurbita pyxidaris DC.; Cucurbita subverrucosa Willd.; Cucurbita succado Nägeli ex Naudin; Cucurbita succedo Arn.; Cucurbita tuberculosa Schrader; Cucurbita urnigera Schrader; Cucurbita variegata Steudel; Cucurbita venosa Descourt.; Cucurbita verrucosa L.;
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12 297580 Cucurbita pepo L. L. [Cucurbita ovifera L.]
B. Bessler, Hort. Eystett., vol. 3 : t. 348, fig. II (1620) [B. Besler]