Crepis foetida L. [as Crepis interrupta Sm.]
cited name:
Crepis interrupta Sm.

J. Sibthrop, J.E. Smith, Flora Graeca, vol. 9: p. 2, t. 803 (1837)


family: Compositae
subfamily: Cichorioideae
tribe: Lactuceae
subtribe: Crepidineae

epithet cited: interruptus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: foetidus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
Lloyd Library and Museum, Cincinnati, U.S.A.

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  1. Arnoseris foetida Dumort.
  2. Barkhausia candollei Sprengel
  3. Barkhausia divaricata Schur
  4. Barkhausia echioides Schur
  5. Barkhausia foetida (L.) F.W.Schmidt
  6. Barkhausia glanduligera C.Winkl.
  7. Barkhausia graveolens Link
  8. Barkhausia hirta K. Koch
  9. Barkhausia pinguis Rchb.
  10. Barkhausia prostrata Dumort.
  11. Barkhausia rodigioides Sch.Bip. ex Tchich.
  12. Barkhausia schimperi Sch.Bip. ex A. Rich.
  13. Barkhausia triangularis K. Koch
  14. Barkhausia zacinthia Margot & Reut. ex DC.
  15. Chondrilla decandollei Sprengel ex DC.
  16. Crepis amygdalina Lag.
  17. Crepis eritreensis
  18. Crepis fallax Boiss.
  19. Crepis foetens Link
  20. Crepis foetida (Boiss.) Hayek
  21. Crepis foetida Nyman
  22. Crepis foetida (DC.) Hayek
  23. Crepis glanduligera B.Fedtsch.
  24. Crepis gracilis Lej.
  25. Crepis graveolens Schrader ex Steudel
  26. Crepis insularis Moris & De Not.
  27. Crepis interrupta Sibth. & Sm.
  28. Crepis interrupta Sm.
  29. Crepis kotschyana C.B. Clarke
  30. Crepis radiata Nyman
  31. Barkhausia radicata Sibth. & Sm.
  32. Barkhausia radicata Sm.
  33. Barkhausia rodigioides Sch.Bip.
  34. Barkhausia schimperi (Sch.Bip. ex A. Rich.) Schweinf.
  35. Barkhausia thomsonii
  36. Barkhausia thracia Sprengel
  37. Barkhausia zacinthia (Margot & Reut. ex DC.) Nyman
  38. Barkhausia foetida Scop.

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Crepis foetida L. [as Crepis interrupta Sm.]
J. Sibthrop, J.E. Smith, Flora Graeca, vol. 9: p. 2, t. 803 (1837)
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