Dieffenbachia seguine (Jacq.) Schott [as Caladium maculatum Lodd.]
cited name:
Caladium maculatum Lodd.

The botanical cabinet [C. Loddiges], vol. 7: t. 608 (1827) [G. Cooke]

drawing: G. Cooke

family: Araceae

epithet cited: maculatus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: seguine

illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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  1. Arum crudele Salisb.
  2. Arum regnium Rodschied ex G.F.Mey.
  3. Arum seguine Jacq.
  4. Arum seguinum L.
  5. Caladium maculatum Lodd.
  6. Caladium pictum Lodd.
  7. Caladium seguine (Jacq.) Vent.
  8. Caladium seguine (Lodd.) Sims
  9. Caladium seguinum (Jacq.) Vent.
  10. Caladium seguinum (Lodd.) Sims
  11. Dieffenbachia barraquiniana Verschaff. & Lemaire
  12. Dieffenbachia brasiliensis H.J.Veitch
  13. Dieffenbachia cognata Schott
  14. Dieffenbachia consobrina Schott
  15. Dieffenbachia conspurcata Schott
  16. Dieffenbachia decora Engl.
  17. Dieffenbachia gigantea Verschaff.
  18. Dieffenbachia gollmeriana Schott
  19. Dieffenbachia grandis Engl.
  20. Dieffenbachia illustris Voss
  21. Dieffenbachia irrorata Schott
  22. Dieffenbachia jenmanii Veitch ex Regel
  23. Dieffenbachia lineata K. Koch & C.D.Bouché
  24. Dieffenbachia lingulata Schott
  25. Dieffenbachia liturata Schott
  26. Dieffenbachia maculata (Lodd.) Sweet
  27. Dieffenbachia maculata (Lodd.) G.S. Bunting
  28. Dieffenbachia magnifica Linden & Rodigas
  29. Dieffenbachia mirabilis Verschaff. ex Engl.
  30. Dieffenbachia neglecta Schott
  31. Arum nobilis Verschaff. ex Engl.
  32. Arum picta Schott
  33. Arum picta Engl.
  34. Arum picta (Verschaff. & Lemaire) Engl.
  35. Arum picta (H.J.Veitch) Engl.
  36. Arum picta Engl.
  37. Arum picturata L.Linden & Rodigas
  38. Arum plumieri Schott
  39. Arum poeppigii Schott
  40. Arum robusta K. Koch

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Dieffenbachia seguine (Jacq.) Schott [as Caladium maculatum Lodd.]
The botanical cabinet [C. Loddiges], vol. 7: t. 608 (1827) [G. Cooke]
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