Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels [ Eugenia jambolana Lam.]
Brandis, D., Illustrations of the forest flora of North-West and Central India (1874)
Forest Fl. N.W. India, Atlas

t. 30
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name recognized:
992382 Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels
name recognized (basionym):
689403 Myrtus cumini L.

name cited:
413598 Eugenia jambolana Lam.

drawing: W.H. Fitch
family: Myrtaceae
epithet cited: jambolanus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: cumini

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homotypic synonyms:
Calyptranthes cumini (L.) Pers.; Eugenia cumini (L.) Druce; Myrtus cumini L.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Calyptranthes capitellata Buch.-Ham. ex Wall.; Calyptranthes caryophyllifolia Willd.; Calyptranthes cuminodora Stokes; Calyptranthes jambolana (Lam.) Willd.; Calyptranthes jambolifera Stokes; Calyptranthes oneillii Lundell; Caryophyllus corticosus Stokes; Caryophyllus jambos Stokes; Eugenia calyptrata Roxb. ex Wight & Arn.; Eugenia caryophyllifolia Lam.; Eugenia jambolana Lam.; Eugenia jambolifera Roxb. ex Wight & Arn.; Eugenia obovata Poiret; Eugenia obtusifolia Roxb.; Eugenia tsoi Merr. & Chun; Jambolifera chinensis Sprengel; Jambolifera coromandelica Houtt.; Jambolifera pedunculata Houtt.; Myrtus corticosa Sprengel; Myrtus obovata (Poiret) Sprengel; Syzygium caryophyllifolium (Lam.) DC.; Syzygium jambolanum (Lam.) DC.; Syzygium obovatum (Poiret) DC.; Syzygium obtusifolium (Roxb.) Kostel.;
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6 992382 Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels (L.) Skeels [Eugenia jambolana Lam.]
D. Brandis, Forest Fl. N.W. India: t. 30 (1874) [W.H. Fitch]