Madhuca neriifolia (Moon) H.J.Lam [ Bassia neriifolia Moon]
Trimen, H., hand-book to the flora of Ceylon (1893-1931)
Handb. Fl. Ceylon

t. 59 (0)
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recognized name:
633205 Madhuca neriifolia (Moon) H.J.Lam
recognized name (basionym):
131238 Bassia neriifolia Moon
cited name:
131238 Bassia neriifolia Moon
family: Chenopodiaceae
subfamily: Chenopodioideae
tribe: Camphorosmeae
epithet: neriifolius,-a,-um

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New York Botanical Garden, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Bassia neriifolia Moon; Illipe neriifolia (Moon) Engl.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Bassia malabarica Beddome; Illipe malabarica (Beddome) Engl.; Illipe malabaricus (Beddome) Pierre ex Dubard; Madhuca malabarica (Beddome) R.Parker;
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6 633205 Madhuca neriifolia (Moon) H.J.Lam (Moon) H.J.Lam [Bassia neriifolia Moon]
H. Trimen, Handb. Fl. Ceylon: t. 59 (1893-1898) [H. deAlwis]