Prestonia quinquangularis (Jacq.) Sprengel [ Echites nutans Anderson]
Rothschild, J., plantes a feuillage coloré [original ed. E.J. Lowe and W. Howard, Beautiful leaved plants (1861)] (1865)
Pl. Feuill. Col.

vol. 1 (1867)
t. 58
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Prestonia quinquangularis (Jacq.) Sprengel

name cited:
Echites nutans Anderson
name recognized:
Prestonia quinquangularis (Jacq.) Sprengel
name recognized (basionym):
Echites quinquangularis Jacq.
family: Apocynaceae
epithet cited: nutans

epithet recognized: quinquangularis,-is,-e

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homotypic synonyms:
Echites quinquangularis Jacq.; Temnadenia quinquangularis (Jacq.) Miers;
heterotypic synonyms:
Echites bangii Rusby; Echites hulkianus Pulle; Echites laurentiae-discus Rusby; Echites leptolobus Stadelm.; Echites nutans Anderson; Haemadictyon acutifolium Benth. ex Muell. Arg.; Haemadictyon caliginosum Miers; Haemadictyon nutans A. DC.; Haemadictyon venosum Lindl.; Prestonia acutifolia (Benth. ex Muell. Arg.) Schumann; Prestonia marginata Markgr.; Prestonia nutans (A. DC.) Voss; Prestonia pachyphylla Woodson; Prestonia pickelii Markgr.; Prestonia simulans Woodson; Prestonia venosa (Lindl.) G.Nicholson; Temnadenia leptoloba (Stadelm.) Miers;
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6 837163 Prestonia quinquangularis (Jacq.) Sprengel [125 372725 Echites quinquangularis Jacq.]
J. Rothschild, Pl. Feuill. Col., vol. 1 : t. 58 (1867)