Gravesia guttata | Bertolonia guttata Hook. |
ID illustration: 158014ID basionym cited:139932
ID publication: 1606ID species cited:139932
ID volume: 4129ID basionym recognized:139932
ID genus cited: 5559ID species recognized:479256
ID genus recognized: 5587

Rothschild, J., plantes a feuillage coloré [original ed. E.J. Lowe and W. Howard, Beautiful leaved plants (1861)] (1865)
Pl. Feuill. Col.

vol. 2: (1867)
t. 23
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name recognized:
479256 Gravesia guttata

name cited:
139932 Bertolonia guttata Hook.
family: Melastomataceae

Illustration contributed by:
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, U.K.
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homotypic synonyms:
Bertolonia guttata Hook.;
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Gravesia guttata (Hook.) Triana [Bertolonia guttata Hook.]
J. Rothschild, Pl. Feuill. Col., vol. 2: t. 23 (1867)