Magnolia grandiflora L.
bull bay, southern magnolia, loblolly magnolia
Stahl, A., Estudios sobre para la flora de Porto-Rico [unpublished watercolors], (1883-1888) [A. Stahl]

drawing: A. Stahl

family: Magnoliaceae

epithet cited: grandiflorus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: grandiflorus,-a,-um

Smithsonion Institute, Washington (DC), U.S.A. [unpublished watercolours]

Copyright reserved. You can try this link to the Smithsonian Institute, Washington (DC), U.S.A.
text: New York Botanic Garden, U.S.A.

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  1. Magnolia angustifolia Millais
  2. Magnolia elliptica (Aiton f.) Link
  3. Magnolia exoniensis Millais
  4. Magnolia ferruginea W.Watson
  5. Magnolia ferruginea Z. Collins ex Raf.
  6. Magnolia foetida (L.) Sarg.
  7. Magnolia foetida Ashe
  8. Magnolia foetida Ashe
  9. Magnolia galissoniensis Millais
  10. Magnolia glabra P.Parm.
  11. Magnolia gloriosa Millais
  12. Magnolia grandiflora Loudon
  13. Magnolia grandiflora Aiton f.
  14. Magnolia grandiflora Loudon
  15. Magnolia grandiflora Sims
  16. Magnolia grandiflora K. Koch
  17. Magnolia grandiflora Aiton
  18. Magnolia grandiflora (Aiton) Rehder
  19. Magnolia grandiflora Aiton f.
  20. Magnolia grandiflora Loudon
  21. Magnolia grandiflora Sweet ex Loudon
  22. Magnolia hartwegii G.Nicholson
  23. Magnolia hartwicus G.Nicholson
  24. Magnolia lacunosa Raf.
  25. Magnolia lanceolata (Aiton) Link
  26. Magnolia longifolia Sweet
  27. Magnolia maxima Lodd. ex G. Don
  28. Magnolia microphylla Ser.
  29. Magnolia obovata (Aiton f.) Link
  30. Magnolia obtusifolia
  31. Magnolia praecox Millais
  32. Magnolia pravertiana Millais
  33. Magnolia rotundifolia Millais
  34. Magnolia stricta G.Nicholson
  35. Magnolia tardiflora Ser.
  36. Magnolia tomentosa Ser.
  37. Magnolia umbrella (Lodd. ex G. Don) P.Parm.
  38. Magnolia virginiana L.
  39. Magnolia virginiana L.

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Magnolia grandiflora L.
Stahl, A., Estudios sobre para la flora de Porto-Rico [unpublished watercolors], (1883-1888) [A. Stahl]
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