Atropa belladonna |
ID illustration: 172399ID basionym cited:118588
ID publication: 2919ID species cited:118588
ID volume: 0ID basionym recognized:118588
ID genus cited: 8371ID species recognized:118588
ID genus recognized: 8371

Norton, E.H., Brazilian flowers, drawn from nature in the years 1880-1882 in the neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro (1893)

: )
t. 42
name recognized (= name cited):
118588 Atropa belladonna

family: Solanaceae

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heterotypic synonyms:
Atropa borealis Kreyer ex Pascher; Atropa cordata Pascher; Atropa digitaloides Pascher; Atropa lethalis Salisb.; Atropa lutescens Jacquem. ex C.B. Clarke; Atropa mediterranea Kreyer ex Pascher;
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Atropa belladonna L.
, t. 42 (1839)