Equisetum sylvaticum L.
Moore, T., popular history of the British ferns and the allied plants, ed. 3 (1851)
Pop. Hist. Brit. Ferns, ed. 3

t. 20 f. 3
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Equisetum sylvaticum L.

name cited:
Equisetum sylvaticum L.
drawing: W.H. Fitch
family: Equisetaceae
epithet: sylvaticus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Equisetum capillare Hoffm.;
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2 390768 Equisetum sylvaticum L.
T. Moore, Pop. Hist. Brit. Ferns, ed. 3: t. 20, fig. 3 (1859) [W.H. Fitch]