Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Mart. [as Acrocomia lasiospatha Mart.]
cited name:
Acrocomia lasiospatha Mart.

A.R. Wallace, Palm trees of the Amazon and their uses, p. 97, t. 37 (1853) [W.H. Fitch]

drawing: W.H. Fitch

family: Palmae
subfamily: Arecoideae
tribe: Cocoeae
subtribe: Bactridinae

epithet cited: lasiospathus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: aculeatus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

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  1. Acrocomia antiguana L.H.Bailey
  2. Acrocomia antioquiensis Posada-Ar.
  3. Acrocomia belizensis L.H.Bailey
  4. Acrocomia christopherensis L.H.Bailey
  5. Acrocomia chunta Covas & Ragonese
  6. Acrocomia cubensis Lodd. ex H. Wendl.
  7. Acrocomia erioacantha Barb. Rodr.
  8. Acrocomia fusiformis (Sw.) Sweet
  9. Acrocomia glaucophylla Drude
  10. Acrocomia globosa (Gaertner) Lodd. ex Mart.
  11. Acrocomia grenadana L.H.Bailey
  12. Acrocomia guianensis Lodd. ex G. Don
  13. Acrocomia horrida Lodd. ex Mart.
  14. Acrocomia hospes L.H.Bailey
  15. Acrocomia ierensis L.H.Bailey
  16. Acrocomia intumescens Drude
  17. Acrocomia karukerana L.H.Bailey
  18. Acrocomia lasiospatha Mart.
  19. Acrocomia mexicana Karw. ex Mart.
  20. Acrocomia microcarpa Barb. Rodr.
  21. Acrocomia minor Lodd. ex G. Don
  22. Acrocomia mokayayba Barb. Rodr.
  23. Acrocomia odorata Barb. Rodr.
  24. Acrocomia panamensis L.H.Bailey
  25. Acrocomia pilosa León
  26. Acrocomia quisqueyana L.H.Bailey
  27. Acrocomia sclerocarpa Mart.
  28. Acrocomia sclerocarpa Drude
  29. Acrocomia sphaerocarpa Desf.
  30. Acrocomia spinosa (Miller) H.E.Moore
  31. Acrocomia subinermis León ex L.H.Bailey
  32. Acrocomia tenuifrons Lodd. ex Mart.
  33. Acrocomia totai Mart.
  34. Acrocomia ulei Dammer
  35. Acrocomia viegasii L.H.Bailey
  36. Acrocomia vinifera Oerst.
  37. Acrocomia wallaceana (Drude) Becc.
  38. Acrocomia zapotecis Karw. ex H. Wendl.
  39. Acrocomia sclerocarpum H. Wendl.
  40. Acrocomia globosa Gaertner

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Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Mart. [as Acrocomia lasiospatha Mart.]
A.R. Wallace, Palm trees of the Amazon and their uses, p. 97, t. 37 (1853) [W.H. Fitch]
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