Cyperus tenuis Sw. [ Mariscus flabelliformis Kunth]
Clarke, C.B., Illustrations of Cyperaceae (1909)
Ill. Cyper.

t. 29 f. 1,2
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Cyperus tenuis Sw.

name cited:
Mariscus flabelliformis Kunth
name recognized:
Cyperus tenuis Sw.
drawing: C. Fitch
family: Cyperaceae
epithet cited: flabelliformis,-is,-e

epithet recognized: tenuis,-is,-e

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University of California Libraries, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Cyperus tenuis var. capillaris (Sw.) Kük.; Mariscus tenuis (Sw.) Nelmes; Mariscus tenuis (Sw.) T. Koyama;
heterotypic synonyms:
Cyperus breviradiatus Liebm.; Cyperus caracasanus Kunth; Cyperus disciger Liebm.; Cyperus discigerus Liebm.; Cyperus dussianus Duss; Cyperus dussii Boeckeler; Cyperus eurystachys Ridley; Cyperus flabelliformis (Kunth) Sprengel; Cyperus flexibilis Maury; Cyperus hartii Boeckeler; Cyperus platystachyus Griseb.; Mariscus aximensis C.B. Clarke; Mariscus dicigerus (Liebm.) T.Koyama; Mariscus disciger (Liebm.) T. Koyama; Mariscus eurystachys (Ridley) C.B. Clarke; Mariscus flabelliformis Kunth; Mariscus luridus T.Durand & De Wild.;
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6 311745 Cyperus tenuis Sw.
C.B. Clarke, Ill. Cyper.: t. 29, fig. 1,2 (1909) [C. Fitch]