Cistanthe grandiflora | Calandrinia grandiflora Lindl. |
ID illustration: 199499ID basionym cited:176454
ID publication: 377ID species cited:176454
ID volume: 4792ID basionym recognized:176454
ID genus cited: 6869ID species recognized:248705
ID genus recognized: 15576

garden (1872-1927)
The Garden

vol. 19: (1871)

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name recognized:
248705 Cistanthe grandiflora

name cited:
176454 Calandrinia grandiflora Lindl.
family: Portulacaceae

Illustration contributed by:
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Calandrinia grandiflora Lindl.; Cistanthe grandiflora (Lindl.) Carolin ex Hershkovitz; Claytonia grandiflora (Lindl.) Kuntze;

heterotypic synonyms:
Calandrinia discolor Lindl.; Calandrinia discolor Schrader; Calandrinia elegans H.Vilm.; Calandrinia glauca Schrader ex DC.; Calandrinia lindleyana H.Vilm.; Calandrinia lindleyana Walp.; Calandrinia speciosa Lehm.; Cistanthe anceps Spach; Cistanthe discolor (Schrader) Ford; Cistanthe discolor Spach; Cistanthe glauca Spach ex Heynh.; Cistanthe speciosa (Lehm.) Ford; Cistanthe speciosa Lilja ex Heynh.; Claytonia discolor (Schrader) Kuntze;
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Cistanthe grandiflora (Lindl.) Schltdl. [Calandrinia grandiflora Lindl.]
The Garden, vol. 19: (1871)