Utricularia gibba L.
cited name:
Utricularia gibba L.

Helen Sharp, Water-color sketches of American plants, especially New England, (1888-1910) [Helen Sharp]

drawing: Helen Sharp

family: Lentibulariaceae

epithet cited: gibbus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: gibbus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
Chicago Botanic Garden, Lenhardt Library, U.S.A.

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  1. Utricularia alba Hoffmanns. & Link
  2. Utricularia ambigua A. DC.
  3. Utricularia amphibia Welw. ex Kamienski
  4. Utricularia anomala A. St.-Hil. & Girard
  5. Utricularia aphylla Ruiz & Pavon
  6. Utricularia bifidocalcar R.D.Good
  7. Utricularia biflora Roxb.
  8. Utricularia biflora Lam.
  9. Utricularia biflora Bonpl. ex A. DC.
  10. Utricularia bipartita Elliott
  11. Utricularia conferta Hassk.
  12. Utricularia crenata Vahl
  13. Utricularia diantha Roxb. ex Roemer & Schultes
  14. Utricularia diflora Roxb.
  15. Utricularia elegans Wall.
  16. Utricularia emarginata Benj.
  17. Utricularia exoleta R. Br.
  18. Utricularia exoleta Kamienski
  19. Utricularia fibrosa Walter
  20. Utricularia fornicata Leconte
  21. Utricularia furcata Pers.
  22. Utricularia gayana A. DC.
  23. Utricularia gibba (R. Br.) P. Taylor
  24. Utricularia gibba
  25. Utricularia gibbosa Hill
  26. Utricularia gracilis Kunth
  27. Utricularia gracilis Lehm. ex Oliver
  28. Utricularia integra Leconte ex Elliott
  29. Utricularia integra Leconte
  30. Utricularia kalmaloensis A. Chev.
  31. Utricularia khasiana Joseph & Mani
  32. Utricularia longirostris Leconte ex Elliott
  33. Utricularia macrorhyncha Barnhart
  34. Utricularia nagurai Makino
  35. Utricularia natans Salzm.
  36. Utricularia natans Salzm.
  37. Utricularia obtusa Sw.
  38. Utricularia pallens A. St.-Hil. & Girard
  39. Utricularia pallens Salzm.
  40. Utricularia parkeriana A. DC.

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Utricularia gibba L.
Helen Sharp, Water-color sketches of American plants, especially New England, (1888-1910) [Helen Sharp]
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