Sonchus oleraceus L.
Sharp, Helen, Water-color sketches of American plants, especially New England (1888-1910)
Water-color Sketches Amer. Pl.

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name recognized (= name cited):
960691 Sonchus oleraceus L.

drawing: Helen Sharp
family: Compositae
subfamily: Cichorioideae
tribe: Lactuceae
subtribe: Sonchinae
epithet: oleraceus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
Chicago Botanic Garden, Lenhardt Library, U.S.A.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Carduus amplexicaulis ; Sonchus angustissimus H.Lindb.; Sonchus australis Hort. ex Trev.; Sonchus ciliatus Lam.; Sonchus fabrae Sennen; Sonchus glaber Gilib.; Sonchus gracilis Phil.; Sonchus gracilis Sennen; Sonchus lacerus Willd.; Sonchus laevis camer. ex Sch.Bip.; Sonchus laevis Vill.; Sonchus longifolius Trev.; Sonchus macrotus Fenzl; Sonchus pallescens Panc.; Sonchus parviflorus Lej. ex Rchb.; Sonchus reversus E. Meyer ex DC.; Sonchus rivularis Phil.; Sonchus roseus Besser ex Sprengel; Sonchus royleanus DC.; Sonchus runcinatus (Fiori) Zenari; Sonchus schimperi ; Sonchus schmidianus K. Koch; Sonchus spinulifoius Sennen; Sonchus subbipinnatifidus (Guss.) Zenari; Sonchus sundaicus Blume; Sonchus tenerrimus Schur; Sonchus umbellifer Thunb.; Sonchus zacinthoides DC.;
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