Alopecurus pratensis L.
cited name:
Alopecurus pratensis L.
meadow foxtail, black grass
K. Hoffmann, E. Dennert, Botanischer Bilderatlas nach dem natürlichem Pflanzensystem, t. 15, fig. 2 (1911)


family: Gramineae
subfamily: Pooideae
tribe: Aveneae
subtribe: Alopecurinae

epithet cited: pratensis,-is,-e
epithet recognized: pratensis,-is,-e

Illustration contributed by:
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

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  1. Alopecurus alpestris Wahlenb. ex Steudel
  2. Alopecurus alpinus Schrenk
  3. Alopecurus alpinus Schrenk
  4. Alopecurus alpinus Kar. & Kir.
  5. Alopecurus altissimus Schur
  6. Alopecurus arvensis Gromov ex Trautv.
  7. Alopecurus brachyglossus Peterm.
  8. Alopecurus candicans Salzm. ex Steudel
  9. Alopecurus caudicans Salzm. ex Ball
  10. Alopecurus eu-pratensis (Griseb.) Asch. & Graebn.
  11. Alopecurus laguriformis Schur
  12. Alopecurus lasiostachyus Link
  13. Alopecurus laxiflorus Ovcz.
  14. Alopecurus obscurus Schur.
  15. Alopecurus pallidus Dumort.
  16. Alopecurus phleiformis P. Beauv.
  17. Alopecurus pratensis (Peterm.) Serb. & E.L.Nyár.
  18. Alopecurus pratensis Beck
  19. Alopecurus pratensis (Sonder) Serb. & E.L.Nyár.
  20. Alopecurus pratensis Sonder
  21. Alopecurus pratensis (Griseb.) Serb. & E.L.Nyár.
  22. Alopecurus pratensis Ledeb.
  23. Alopecurus pratensis (Opiz) Soó
  24. Alopecurus pratensis Roshev.
  25. Alopecurus pronus Mitt. ex Hook.f.
  26. Alopecurus scaber Opiz
  27. Alopecurus seravschanicus Ovcz.
  28. Alopecurus sericeus Gaertner
  29. Alopecurus soongaricus (Schrenk) Petrov
  30. Alopecurus tauntoniensis Sinclair
  31. Alopecurus trivialis Seidl ex Opiz
  32. Alopecurus villosus Gilib.
  33. Alopecurus aristata Schousb. ex Willd.

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Alopecurus pratensis L.
K. Hoffmann, E. Dennert, Botanischer Bilderatlas nach dem natürlichem Pflanzensystem, t. 15, fig. 2 (1911)
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