Crepidium nemorale (Ridl.) Szlach. | Microstylis nemoralis Ridley | Malaxis nemoralis (Ridley) Holttum | Microstylis nemoralis Ridley |
ID illustration: 225277ID basionym cited:669438
ID publication: 4140ID species cited:635959
ID volume: 0ID basionym recognized:669438
ID genus cited: 10776ID species recognized:1136077
ID genus recognized: 2457

Seidenfaden, G., Orchid Genera in Thailand [Dansk Botanisk Arkiv]
Orchid Genera Thailand

vol. 7
f. 50
name recognized:
1136077 Crepidium nemorale (Ridl.) Szlach.
name recognized (basionym):
669438 Microstylis nemoralis Ridley

name cited:
635959 Malaxis nemoralis (Ridley) Holttum

name cited (basionym):
669438 Microstylis nemoralis Ridley

family: Orchidaceae
subfamily: Epidendroideae
tribe: Malaxideae

Illustration contributed by:
Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Herbarium Jany Renz. Botanical Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland
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heterotypic synonyms:
Malaxis nemoralis (Ridley) Holttum; Microstylis nemoralis Ridley;
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6 1136077 Crepidium nemorale (Ridl.) Szlach. (Ridl.) Szlach. [Malaxis nemoralis (Ridley) Holttum]
G. Seidenfaden, Orchid Genera Thailand, vol. 7 : , fig. 50 ()