Bauhinia divaricata L. | Bauhinia aurita Aiton |
ID illustration: 268332ID basionym cited:131825
ID publication: 2852ID species cited:131825
ID volume: 5813ID basionym recognized:132017
ID genus cited: 1772ID species recognized:132017
ID genus recognized: 1772

Miller, P., Figures of the most beautiful, useful and uncommon plants, described in the gardeners’ dictionary (1755-1760)
Fig. Pl. Gard. Dict.

vol. 1: (1755-1760)
t. 61
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name recognized:
132017 Bauhinia divaricata L.

name cited:
131825 Bauhinia aurita Aiton
family: Caesalpiniaceae
tribe: Cercideae
epithet cited:

epithet recognized:

Illustration contributed by:
Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid, Spain
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homotypic synonyms:
Casparea divaricata (L.) Britton & Rose;

heterotypic synonyms:
Bauhinia adansoniana Guill. & Perr.; Bauhinia amblyophylla Harms; Bauhinia americana Laun.; Bauhinia americana Launay; Bauhinia aurita Aiton; Bauhinia caribaea Jenn.; Bauhinia confusa Rose; Bauhinia furcata Desv.; Bauhinia furcata Pierre ex Gagnepain; Bauhinia goldmanii Rose; Bauhinia lamarckiana DC.; Bauhinia latifolia Cav.; Bauhinia mexicana Vogel; Bauhinia peninsularis Brandegee; Bauhinia porrecta Sw.; Bauhinia racemifera Desv.; Bauhinia retusa Ham.; Bauhinia retusa Poiret; Bauhinia schlechtendaliana M.Martens & Galeotti; Bauhinia versicolor Bertol.; Casparea amblyophylla (Harms) Britton & Rose; Casparea aurita Griseb.; Casparea confusa (Rose) Britton & Rose; Casparea furcata (Desv.) Jacks.; Casparea latifolia (Cav.) Jacks.; Casparea mexicana (Vogel) Britton & Rose; Casparea peninsularis (Brandegee) Britton & Rose; Casparea porrecta (Sw.) Griseb.; Casparea porrecta (Sw.) Jacks.; Casparea schlechtendaliana (M.Martens & Galeotti) Britton; Casparea versicolor (Bertol.) Britton & Rose;
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6 132017 Bauhinia divaricata L. L. [Bauhinia aurita Aiton]
P. Miller, Fig. Pl. Gard. Dict., vol. 1 : t. 61 (1755-1760)