Cissus verticillata (L.) Nicolson & C.E.Jarvis [ Cissus compressicaulis Ruiz & Pavon]
Ruiz, H., Pavón, J., Drawings of the Royal Botanical Expedition to the Viceroyalty of Peru (1777-1816)
Draw. Roy. Bot. Exped. Viceroy. Peru

t. 100
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name recognized:
248591 Cissus verticillata (L.) Nicolson & C.E.Jarvis
name recognized (basionym):
1066768 Viscum verticillatum L.

name cited:
247738 Cissus compressicaulis Ruiz & Pavon

drawing: J. Brunete
family: Vitaceae
epithet cited: compressicaulis,-is,-e

epithet recognized: verticillatus,-a,-um

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Illustration contributed by:
Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid, Spain
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homotypic synonyms:
Phoradendron verticillatum (L.) Druce; Viscum verticillatum L.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Cissus albonitens Linden & André; Cissus andraeana Planchon; Cissus argentea Linden; Cissus blumeana Steudel; Cissus canescens Lam.; Cissus compressicaulis Ruiz & Pavon; Cissus cordifolia L.; Cissus digitinervis Ram.Goyena; Cissus elliptica Cham. & Schltdl.; Cissus endresii H.J.Veitch; Cissus glauca Thwaites; Cissus gonavensis Urban & Ekman; Cissus haitiensis Urban & Ekman; Cissus lamarckiana Schultes & Schultes f.; Cissus latifolia Descourt.; Cissus lindenii André; Cissus nitida Vell.; Cissus obscura DC.; Cissus obtusata Benth.; Cissus officinalis Klotzsch; Cissus ovata Lam.; Cissus ovata Rich.; Cissus oxyodon Planchon; Cissus pallida Salisb.; Cissus plumeri Planchon; Cissus puncticulosa Rich.; Cissus reticulata Willd. ex Roemer & Schultes; Cissus rotundifolia Blume; Cissus sicyoides L.; Cissus smilacina Kunth; Cissus tamoides Cambess.; Cissus tucumana Suess.; Cissus umbrosa Kunth; Cissus venatorum Descourt.; Vitis albonitens (Linden & André) G. Nicholson; Vitis cordifolia (L.) Morales; Vitis elliptica (Schltdl. & Cham.) Hemsley; Vitis lindenii (André) G. Nicholson; Vitis obtusata (Benth.) Hemsley; Vitis sicyoides (L.) Baker; Vitis sicyoides (L.) Miq.; Vitis sicyoides (L.) Morales;
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