Stachys aethiopica L.
Illustrations of Southern Africa flora, Compton Herbarium, Cape Town (NBG)
Ill. S. Afr. Flora

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name recognized (= name cited):
969837 Stachys aethiopica L.

drawing: M.C. Fawkes
family: Labiatae
subfamily: Lamioideae
epithet: aethiopicus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Betonica capensis Burm.f.; Stachys attenuata Skan; Stachys capensis C. Presl; Stachys fruticetorum Briq.; Stachys harveyi Skan; Stachys hispidula Hochst.; Stachys pulchella Salisb.; Stachys serrulata Burch. ex Benth.;

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Stachys aethiopica L.
Ill. S. Afr. Flora: () [M.C. Fawkes]