Xylocarpus granatum |
ID illustration: 291314ID basionym cited:1077851
ID publication: 4235ID species cited:1077851
ID volume: 5986ID basionym recognized:1077851
ID genus cited: 5754ID species recognized:1077851
ID genus recognized: 5754

Cooper, W., Cooper, W.T., Fruits of the Australian tropical rainforest (2004)
Fruits Austral. Trop. Rainforest

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p. 294
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name recognized (= name cited):
1077851 Xylocarpus granatum

W.T. Cooper
family: Meliaceae
subfamily: Melioideae

link_details: http://keys.trin.org.au/key-server/data/0e0f0504-0103-430d-8004-060d07080d04/media/Html/taxon/Xylocarpus_granatum.htm
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heterotypic synonyms:
Carapa obovata Blume; Xylocarpus obovatus Juss.;
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Xylocarpus granatum J. Koenig
W. Cooper, W.T. Cooper, Fruits Austral. Trop. Rainforest, p. 294 (2004) [W.T. Cooper]