Oxalis enneaphylla Cav.
Vallentin-Bertrand, E.F., Cotton, E.M., Illustrations of the flowering plants and ferns of the Falklands Islands (1921)
Ill. Fl. Pl. Falkland Isl.

t. 15
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name recognized (= name cited):
731995 Oxalis enneaphylla Cav.

drawing: E.F. Vallentin
family: Oxalidaceae
subfamily: Oxalidoideae
epithet: enneaphyllus,-a,-um

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Museum Fieldiana
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homotypic synonyms:
Acetosella enneaphylla (Cav.) Kuntze;
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Oxalis enneaphylla Cav.
E.F. Vallentin-Bertrand, E.M. Cotton, Ill. Fl. Pl. Falkland Isl.: t. 15 (1921) [E.F. Vallentin]