Meyna spinosa Roxb. ex Link [ Vangueria spinosa (Roxb. ex Link) Roxb.]
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre / Wikimedia commons

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name recognized:
664590 Meyna spinosa Roxb. ex Link

name cited:
1050881 Vangueria spinosa (Roxb. ex Link) Roxb.

name cited (basionym):
664590 Meyna spinosa Roxb. ex Link
drawing: R. Natadipoera
family: Rubiaceae
subfamily: Antirheoideae
tribe: Vanguerieae
epithet: spinosus,-a,-um

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Illustration contributed by:
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leyden, The Netherlands
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contact about this record homotypic synonyms:
Pyrostria spinosa (Roxb. ex Link) Miq.; Vangueria spinosa (Roxb. ex Link) Roxb.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Vangueria miqueliana Kurz; Vangueria mollis Wall.; Vangueria pyrostria Boerl.; Vangueria stellata Blanco;
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