Disocactus flagelliformis (L.) Barthlott [as Cereus flagelliformis (L.) Miller]
cited name:
Cereus flagelliformis (L.) Miller

Naturalis Biodiversity Centre / Wikimedia commons, t. 30 () [n.a.]

drawing: n.a.

family: Cactaceae
subfamily: Cactoideae
tribe: Cereeae

epithet cited: flagelliformis,-is,-e
epithet recognized: flagelliformis,-is,-e

Illustration contributed by:
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leyden, The Netherlands

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  1. Aporocactus flagelliformis (L.) Lemaire
  2. Aporocactus flagelliformis (DC.) P.V.Heath
  3. Aporocactus flagelliformis P.V.Heath
  4. Aporocactus flagriformis (Zucc. ex H.Pfeiff.) Lemaire
  5. Aporocactus flagriformis (Zucc. ex H.Pfeiff.) Britton & Rose
  6. Aporocactus leptophis (DC.) Britton & Rose
  7. Cactus flagelliformis L.
  8. Cactus serpentinus Lag. & Rodr.
  9. Cactus serpentinus Pers.
  10. Cereus flagelliformis (L.) Miller
  11. Cereus flagelliformis (L.) Haw.
  12. Cereus flagelliformis (DC.) Schumann
  13. Cereus flagelliformis Salm-Dyck ex Pfeiff.
  14. Cereus flagriformis Zucc. ex Pfeiff.
  15. Cereus leptophis DC.
  16. Cereus serpentinus (Lag. & Rodr.) DC.
  17. Cereus serpentinus Salm-Dyck ex Lemaire
  18. Discocactus flagriformis (Zucc. ex Pfeiff.) Scheinvar
  19. Nyctocereus castellanosii Scheinvar
  20. Nyctocereus serpentinus (Lag. & Rodr.) Britton & Rose
  21. Nyctocereus serpentinus Bravo
  22. Peniocereus serpentinus (Lag. & Rodr.) N.P. Taylor

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Disocactus flagelliformis (L.) Barthlott [as Cereus flagelliformis (L.) Miller]
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre / Wikimedia commons, t. 30 () [n.a.]
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