Crepis biennis L. |
ID illustration: 304109ID basionym cited:286419
ID publication: 4280ID species cited:286419
ID volume: 6194ID basionym recognized:286419
ID genus cited: 2457ID species recognized:286419
ID genus recognized: 2457

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name recognized (= name cited):
286419 Crepis biennis L.

family: Compositae
subfamily: Cichorioideae
tribe: Lactuceae
subtribe: Crepidineae

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Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leyden, The Netherlands
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heterotypic synonyms:
Crepis dubia Krock.; Crepis glabra Krock.; Crepis glandulosa Bastard; Crepis gmelini ; Crepis lodomiriensis Besser; Crepis maritima ; Crepis muricata Gilib.; Crepis sabauda Balb. ex DC.; Crepis scanensis L. ex Froel.; Crepis transsilvanica Schur; Crepis tristis Klokov;
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Crepis biennis L.
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