Elaeis guineensis Jacq. | View in Brazil near Ouro Preto with Oil Palms
ID illustration: 329269ID basionym cited:374560
ID publication: 4584ID species cited:374560
ID volume: 6711ID basionym recognized:374560
ID genus cited: 11345ID species recognized:374560
ID genus recognized: 11345

North, M., Paintings
Paintings M. North

: )
t. 36
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name recognized:
374560 Elaeis guineensis Jacq.

cited non-linnean name:
View in Brazil near Ouro Preto with Oil Palms

M. North
family: Palmae
subfamily: Arecoideae
tribe: Cocoeae
subtribe: Elaeidinae

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heterotypic synonyms:
Elaeis dybowskii Hua; Elaeis macrophylla A. Chev.; Elaeis madagascariensis (Jum. & H. Perrier) Becc.; Elaeis melanococca Gaertner; Elaeis nigrescens (A. Chev.) Prain; Elaeis virescens (A. Chev.) Prain; Palma oleosa Mill.;
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Elaeis guineensis Jacq.
M. North, Paintings M. North: t. 36, fig. 1 () [M. North]