Abrus precatorius L.
North, M., Paintings
Paintings M. North

t. 482 f. 1
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Abrus precatorius L.

binominal name:
Abrus precatorius L.
name recognized:
Abrus precatorius L.
cited non-linnean name:
Two trailing-plants with Lizard and Moth from Ile Aride Seychelles

drawing: M. North
family: Papilionaceae
tribe: Abreae
epithet: precatorius,-a,-um

Copyright reserved. Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, U.K.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Abrus precatorius Sessé & Moc.; Glycine abrus L.;
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1 1682 Abrus precatorius L.
M. North, Paintings M. North: t. 482, fig. 1 () [M. North]