Guaiacum officinale L.
Byam, L., collection of exotics from the island of Antigua. By a lady (1797)

t. 3
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Guaiacum officinale L.

binominal name:
Guaiacum officinale L.
name recognized:
Guaiacum officinale L.
cited non-linnean name:
Guaiacum or lignum vitae

drawing: L. Byam
family: Compositae
subfamily: Cichorioideae
tribe: Mutisieae
subtribe: Mutisiinae
epithet: officinalis,-is,-e

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Universit├Ątsbibliothek Wien, Vienna, Austria
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heterotypic synonyms:
Guaiacum bijugum Stokes; Guaiacum breynii Sprengel; Guajacum officinale L.;
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2 482112 Guaiacum officinale L.
L. Byam, : t. 3 (1797)