Acalypha phleoides Cav. [ Acalypha pastoris Sessé & Moc.]
Sessé, M., Mociño, M., Drawings from the Spanish Royal Expedition to New Spain (1787–1803) (Torner collection, Hunt Institute, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.)
Torner collection

t. 39 (0)
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recognized name:
7093 Acalypha phleoides Cav.
cited name:
1455219 Acalypha pastoris Sessé & Moc.
family: Euphorbiaceae
subfamily: Acalyphoideae
tribe: Acalypheae
epithet cited: pastoris,-is,-e

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homotypic synonyms:
Acalypha phleoides var. hirta (Cav.) Muell. Arg.; Ricinocarpus phleoides (Cav.) Kuntze;
heterotypic synonyms:
Acalypha ehretiifolia Klotzsch ex Pax & K. Hoffm.; Acalypha hirta Cav.; Acalypha lindheimeri Muell. Arg.; Acalypha pastoris DC. ex Willd.; Acalypha pastoris Schrank; Acalypha phleoides Torrey; Acalypha prunifolia Kunth; Acalypha rubra Willd.; Croton pastorile Sessé & Moc.; Ricinocarpus lindheimeri (Muell. Arg.) Kuntze;
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42 7093 Acalypha phleoides Cav. Cav. [Acalypha pastoris Sessé & Moc.]
M. Sessé, M. Mociño, Torner collection: t. 39 ()