Ferocactus recurvus (Miller) Borg | | Cactus cornigerus Sessé & Moc. |
ID illustration: 340709ID basionym cited:1457127
ID publication: 4600ID species cited:1457127
ID volume: 6828ID basionym recognized:171953
ID genus cited: 1743ID species recognized:432130
ID genus recognized: 70780

Sessé, M., Mociño, M., Drawings from the Spanish Royal Expedition to New Spain (1787–1803) (1787-1803)
Draw. Roy. Exped. New Spain


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name recognized:
432130 Ferocactus recurvus (Miller) Borg
name recognized (basionym):

name cited:
1457127 Cactus cornigerus Sessé & Moc.

family: Cactaceae
subfamily: Cactoideae
tribe: Cacteae

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homotypic synonyms:
Cactus recurvus Miller; Echinocactus recurvus (Miller) Link & Otto; Echinofossulocactus recurvus (Miller) Lawr.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Bisnaga latispina (Haw.) Doweld; Cactus cornigerus Moç. & Sessé ex DC.; Cactus latispinus Haw.; Cactus multangularis Voigt ex Steudel; Cactus nobilis L.; Cereus recurvus Link & Otto ex Steudel; Echinocactus cornigerus DC.; Echinocactus curvicornis Miq.; Echinocactus glaucus Karw. ex Pfeiff.; Echinocactus latispinus (Haw.) Hemsley; Echinocactus nobilis (L.) Druce; Echinocactus solenacanthus Scheidw.; Echinocactus spiralis Karw. ex Pfeiff.; Echinocactus stellaris Hemsley; Echinocactus stellatus Scheidw.; Echinofossulocactus cornigerus Lawr.; Ferocactus latispinus (Haw.) Britton & Rose; Ferocactus nobilis (L.) Britton & Rose; Mammillaria recurva Lehm.; Melocactus recurvus Link & Otto;
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42 432130 Ferocactus recurvus (Miller) Borg (Miller) Borg [Cactus cornigerus Sessé & Moc.]
M. Sessé, M. Mociño, Draw. Roy. Exped. New Spain: [Hunt instutute, Turner collection no. 1714] (1787-1803)