Bauhinia pauletia Pers. |
ID illustration: 342707ID basionym cited:132402
ID publication: 4607ID species cited:132402
ID volume: 6852ID basionym recognized:132402
ID genus cited: 1772ID species recognized:132402
ID genus recognized: 1772

Britton, N.L., Horne, F.W., Popular flora of Puerto Rico, Flora Borinqueña [unpublished watercolors]
Popular Fl. Puerto Rico

: )
t. 293]
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name recognized (= name cited):
132402 Bauhinia pauletia Pers.

F.W. Horne
family: Caesalpiniaceae
tribe: Cercideae

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heterotypic synonyms:
Bauhinia aculeata Vell.; Bauhinia chlorantha Brandegee; Bauhinia leptopetala Sessé & Moc. ex DC.; Bauhinia longiflora D. Dietr.; Bauhinia longiflora Rose; Bauhinia panamensis Sprengel; Bauhinia parvifolia Hochst. ex Fielding & Gardner; Bauhinia parvifolia Seemann; Bauhinia spinosa Poiret; Pauletia aculeata Cav.;
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Bauhinia pauletia Pers.
N.L. Britton, F.W. Horne, Popular Fl. Puerto Rico: t. 293] () [F.W. Horne]