Ludwigia octovalvis (Jacq.) P.H.Raven [ Jussiaea angustifolia Lam.]
Britton, N.L., Horne, F.W., Popular flora of Puerto Rico, Flora Borinqueña [unpublished watercolors]
Popular Fl. Puerto Rico

t. 488]
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recognized name:
622865 Ludwigia octovalvis (Jacq.) P.H.Raven
recognized name (basionym):
710328 Oenothera octovalvis Jacq.
cited name:
571421 Jussiaea angustifolia Lam.
drawing: F.W. Horne
family: Onagraceae
epithet cited: angustifolius,-a,-um

epithet recognized: octovalvis,-is,-e

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homotypic synonyms:
Jussiaea octovalvis (Jacq.) Sw.; Oenothera octovalvis Jacq.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Epilobium fruticosum Lour.; Jussiaea angustifolia Lam.; Jussiaea calycina C. Presl; Jussiaea clavata Jones; Jussiaea didymosperma H. Perrier; Jussiaea frutescens Jacq. f. ex DC.; Jussiaea fruticosa (Lour.) DC.; Jussiaea haenkeana Steudel; Jussiaea hirsuta Miller; Jussiaea ligustrifolia Kunth; Jussiaea macropoda C. Presl; Jussiaea occidentalis Nutt. ex Torrey & A. Gray; Jussiaea octofila DC.; Jussiaea octonervia Lam.; Jussiaea ovalifolia Sims; Jussiaea pubescens L.; Jussiaea sagreana A. Rich.; Jussiaea suffruticosa L.; Jussiaea venosa C. Presl; Jussiaea villosa Lam.; Ludwigia angustifolia (Lam.) M. Gómez; Ludwigia pubescens (L.) H. Hara; Ludwigia sagreana (A. Rich.) M. Gómez; Ludwigia suffruticosa (L.) M. Gómez;
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6 622865 Ludwigia octovalvis (Jacq.) P.H.Raven [125 710328 Oenothera octovalvis Jacq.]
N.L. Britton, F.W. Horne, Popular Fl. Puerto Rico: t. 488] () [F.W. Horne]