Arnica cordifolia Hook.
Brown, S., Alpine flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (1907)
Alpine Fl. Canad. Rocky Mts.

p. 304 f. a
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Arnica cordifolia Hook.

name cited:
Arnica cordifolia Hook.
family: Compositae
epithet: cordifolius,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Arnica abortiva Greene; Arnica andersonii Piper; Arnica austinae Rydb.; Arnica chionophila Greene; Arnica evermannii Greene; Arnica hardinae H.St.John; Arnica humilis Rydb.; Arnica macrophylla Nutt.; Arnica microphylla Walp.; Arnica paniculata A.Nelson; Arnica parviflora Greene; Arnica pumila Rydb.; Arnica subcordata Greene; Arnica whitneyi Fernald;
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2 89761 Arnica cordifolia Hook.
S. Brown, Alpine Fl. Canad. Rocky Mts.: p. 304, fig. a (1907)