Ficus carica L.
Hayne, F.G., Getreue Darstellung und Beschreibung der in der Arzneykunde gebräuchlichen Gewächse (1805-1846)
Getreue Darstell. Gew.

vol. 9 (1825)
t. 13
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Ficus carica L.

name cited:
Ficus carica L.
family: Moraceae
subfamily: Moroideae
tribe: Ficeae
epithet: caricus,-a,-um

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University of Glasgow Library, U.K.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Ficus albescens Miq.; Ficus burdigalensis Poit. & Turpin; Ficus caprificus Risso; Ficus colchica Grossh.; Ficus colombra Gasp.; Ficus communis Lam.; Ficus deliciosa Gasp.; Ficus dottata Gasp.; Ficus globosa Miq.; Ficus hypoleuca Gasp.; Ficus hyrcana Grossh.; Ficus kopetdagensis Pachom.; Ficus latifolia Salisb.; Ficus leucocarpa Gasp.; Ficus macrocarpa Gasp.; Ficus neapolitana Miq.; Ficus pachycarpa Gasp.; Ficus pedunculata Miq.; Ficus polymorpha Gasp.; Ficus praecox Gasp.; Ficus regina Miq.; Ficus rugosa Miq.; Ficus silvestris Risso;
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F.G. Hayne, Getreue Darstell. Gew., vol. 9 : t. 13 (1825)