Dichelachne micrantha | Dichelachne sciurea (R. Br.) Hook.f. | Agrostis sciurea R. Br. |
ID illustration: 358950ID basionym cited:33237
ID publication: 4655ID species cited:337946
ID volume: 0ID basionym recognized:980842
ID genus cited: 9790ID species recognized:337931
ID genus recognized: 9790

Buchanan, J., Manual of the indigenous grasses of New Zealand (1878-1880)
Man. grass. N. Zeal.

: )
t. 16
name recognized:
337931 Dichelachne micrantha

name cited:
337946 Dichelachne sciurea (R. Br.) Hook.f.
name cited (basionym):
33237 Agrostis sciurea R. Br.
J. Buchanan
family: Gramineae
subfamily: Pooideae
tribe: Aveneae
subtribe: Alopecurinae
epithet cited:

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homotypic synonyms:
Stipa micrantha Cav.;

heterotypic synonyms:
Agrostis rara Nees ex Trin.; Agrostis sciurea R. Br.; Deyeuxia sciurea (R. Br.) B.D.Jacks.; Dichelachne montana Endl.; Dichelachne sciurea (R. Br.) Hook.f.; Dichelachne vulgaris Trin. & Rupr.; Muhlenbergia ciurea ; Muhlenbergia ciurea Benth.; Muhlenbergia sciurea (R. Br.) Trin.; Muhlenbergia sciurea (R. Br.) Trin. ex Kunth; Muhlenbergia sieberiana Trin. ex Hook.f.; Stipa dichelachne Steudel; Vilfa sciurea (R. Br.) P. Beauv.;
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Dichelachne micrantha (Cav.) Domin [Dichelachne sciurea (R. Br.) Hook.f.]
, t. 16 () [J. Buchanan]