Ledebouria cooperi (Hook.f.) Jessop [ Scilla saturata Baker]
Pole Evans, I.B., Flowering plants of (South) Africa (1922)
Fl. Pl. Afr.

vol. 17 (1937)
[tt. 641-680]
t. 674
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name recognized:
590825 Ledebouria cooperi (Hook.f.) Jessop
name recognized (basionym):
920638 Scilla cooperi Hook.f.

name cited:
920973 Scilla saturata Baker

drawing: C. Letty
family: Liliaceae
subfamily: Hyacinthoideae
tribe: Hyacintheae
epithet cited: saturatus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: cooperi

Illustration contributed by:
South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria, South Africa
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homotypic synonyms:
Scilla cooperi Hook.f.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Scilla adlamii Baker; Scilla aggregata Baker; Scilla barberi Baker; Scilla cinerascens van der Merwe; Scilla concinna Baker; Scilla conrathii Baker; Scilla exigua Baker; Scilla fehrii Baker; Scilla glaucescens van der Merwe; Scilla globosa Baker; Scilla inandensis Baker; Scilla leichtlinii Baker; Scilla londonensis Baker; Scilla palustris J.M.Wood & M.S.Evans; Scilla rehmannii Baker; Scilla rogersii Baker; Scilla saturata Baker; Scilla sphaerocephala Baker; Scilla subglauca Baker; Scilla tristachya Baker;

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6 590825 Ledebouria cooperi (Hook.f.) Jessop [125 920638 Scilla cooperi Hook.f.]
I.B. Pole Evans, Fl. Pl. Afr., vol. 17 (tt. 641-680): t. 674 (1937) [C. Letty]