Carica papaya L. [as Carica peltata Hook. & Arn.]
cited name:
Carica peltata Hook. & Arn.

W.J. Hooker, G.A.W. Arnott, The botany of Captain Beechey’s voyage, t. 98 (1841) [W.J. Hooker]

drawing: W.J. Hooker

family: Caricaceae

epithet cited: peltatus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: papaya

illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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  1. Carica bourgeaui Solms
  2. Carica citriformis J.Jacq. ex Sprengel
  3. Carica citriformis Jacq.
  4. Carica cubensis Solms
  5. Carica hermaphrodita Blanco
  6. Carica jamaicensis Urban
  7. Carica jimenezii Bertoni
  8. Carica mamaya Vell.
  9. Carica papaya Aké Assi
  10. Carica papaya Solms
  11. Carica papaya Solms
  12. Carica papaya Bertoni
  13. Carica papaya (Vell.) Stellfeld
  14. Carica papaya (Urban) Solms
  15. Carica peltata Hook. & Arn.
  16. Carica pinnatifida Heilborn
  17. Carica portoricensis Urban
  18. Carica posoposa L.
  19. Carica pyriformis Willd.
  20. Carica rochefortii Solms
  21. Carica sativa Tussac
  22. Vasconcellea peltata (Hook. & Arn.) A. DC.
  23. Papaya bourgeaei (Solms) Kuntze
  24. Papaya carica Gaertn.
  25. Papaya cimarrona Sint. ex Kuntze
  26. Papaya citriformis (Jacq.) A. DC.
  27. Papaya communis Noronha
  28. Papaya cubensis (Solms) Kuntze
  29. Papaya cucumerina Noronha
  30. Papaya edulis Bojer
  31. Carica edulis Bojer
  32. Carica edulis Bojer
  33. Carica hermaphrodita Blanco
  34. Carica papaya (L.) H. Karst.
  35. Carica peltata (Hook. & Arn.) Kuntze
  36. Carica pyriformis Baill.
  37. Carica rochefortii (Solms) Kuntze
  38. Carica sativa Tuss.
  39. Carica vulgaris A. DC.
  40. Carica papaya Sessé & Moc.

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Carica papaya L. [as Carica peltata Hook. & Arn.]
W.J. Hooker, G.A.W. Arnott, The botany of Captain Beechey’s voyage, t. 98 (1841) [W.J. Hooker]
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