Sinningia laterita (Lindl.) Chautems [ Gesneria lateritia Lindl.]
Portefeuille des horticulteurs, journal pratique des jardins (1847-1848)
Portef. Hort.

vol. 1 (1847)

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name recognized:
949937 Sinningia laterita (Lindl.) Chautems
name recognized (basionym):
464148 Gesneria lateritia Lindl.

name cited:
464148 Gesneria lateritia Lindl.

cited variety: macrantha
drawing: L. Constans

family: Gesneriaceae
subfamily: Gesnerioideae
tribe: Gesnerieae
epithet cited: lateritius,-a,-um

epithet recognized: lateritus,-a,-um

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U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
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heterotypic synonyms:
Gesneria lateritia Lindl.; Gesneria subalba hort.; Rechsteineria lateritia (Lindl.) Kuntze;
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5 949937 Sinningia laterita (Lindl.) Chautems (Lindl.) Chautems [Gesneria lateritia Lindl.]
Portef. Hort., vol. 1 : (1847-1848) [L. Constans]