Luffa cylindrica (L.) M. Roemer [ Momordica cylindrica L.]
Anonymous, Plantarum Malabaricum icones (1694-1710)
Pl. Malab. Icon.

vol. 1
t. 80 p. 677285
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name recognized:
623074 Luffa cylindrica (L.) M. Roemer
name recognized (basionym):
677233 Momordica cylindrica L.

name cited:
677233 Momordica cylindrica L.

family: Cucurbitaceae
subfamily: Cucurbitoideae
tribe: Joliffieae
epithet: cylindricus,-a,-um

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Leiden University Libraries, Leyden, The Netherlands
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homotypic synonyms:
Luffa cylindrica (L.) T. Durand & H. Durand; Momordica cylindrica L.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Bryonia cheirophylla Wall.; Cucumis pentandrus Roxb. ex Wight & Arn.; Luffa aegyptiaca Miller; Luffa fricatoria Donde; Luffa insularum A. Gray; Luffa leucosperma M. Roemer; Luffa pentandra Roxb.; Luffa petola Ser.; Luffa subangulata Miq.; Luffa sylvestris Miq.; Melothria touchanensis H. Lév.; Momordica luffa L.; Momordica luffa Vell.; Turia sativa Forssk.;
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6 623074 Luffa cylindrica (L.) M. Roemer (L.) M. Roemer [Momordica cylindrica L.]
Pl. Malab. Icon., vol. 1 : p. 677285, t. 80 (1694-1710)