Peperomia quadrifolia (L.) Kunth [ Piper quadrifolium L.]
Plumier, C., Boerhaave, H., Burman, J., Codex Boerhaaveanus (drawings) (1733)

vol. 1
t. 905
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recognized name:
767426 Peperomia quadrifolia (L.) Kunth
recognized name (basionym):
798567 Piper quadrifolium L.
assigned name :
798567 Piper quadrifolium L.
cited non-linnean names:
Saururus repens tetraphyllus folio crassiore
Saururus repens tetraphyllus folio crassiori

C. Plumier, Mss., vol. 5 (Botanicon Americanum seu historia plantarum Americanis insulis nascentium): t. 13 (1689-1697) [C. Plumier]

family: Piperaceae
epithet: quadrifolius,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
University of Groningen Library, Special Collections, Groningen, The Netherlands
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homotypic synonyms:
Piper quadrifolium L.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Peperomia calderoniae Barrios, Cota & Medina-Cota; Peperomia circulifolia Trel.; Peperomia conocarpa Trel.; Peperomia edulis Miq.; Peperomia luxii C. DC.; Peperomia pseudotetraphylla Trel.; Peperomia quadrangifolia (L.) Kunth ex Luteyn; Peperomia rioalbae Trel.; Peperomia santarosana C. DC.; Peperomia stenocaulis C. DC.; Peperomia subquadrifolia Trel.; Peperomia sumichrastii C. DC.; Peperomia tenuicaulis Sodiro;
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6 767426 Peperomia quadrifolia (L.) Kunth [125 798567 Piper quadrifolium L.]
C. Plumier, H. Boerhaave, J. Burman, , vol. 1 : t. 905 (1733)