Girardinia diversifolia (Link) Friis [ Urtica heterophylla Vahl]
Roxburgh, W., Icones Roxburgianae (Roxburgh Flora Indica drawings at Kew) (1780-1815)
Icones Roxburgianae (Kew)

t. 1671
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recognized name:
465688 Girardinia diversifolia (Link) Friis
recognized name (basionym):
1045858 Urtica diversifolia Link
cited name:
1045941 Urtica heterophylla Vahl
family: Urticaceae
epithet cited: heterophyllus,-a,-um

epithet recognized:

Illustration contributed by:
The Watercolour World, Stevenage, U.K.
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homotypic synonyms:
Urtica diversifolia Link;
heterotypic synonyms:
Girardinia adoensis (Steudel) Wedd.; Girardinia armata Kunth; Girardinia chingianae S.S.Chien; Girardinia condensata (Hochst. ex Steudel) Wedd.; Girardinia erosa Decne.; Girardinia formosana Hayata ex Yamam.; Girardinia furialis Blume; Girardinia heterophylla (Vahl) Decne.; Girardinia hibiscifolia Miq.; Girardinia javanica Wedd.; Girardinia leschenaultiana Decne.; Girardinia longispica Hand.-Mazz.; Girardinia palmata Blume; Girardinia vahlii Blume; Girardinia vitifolia Franch.; Girardinia vitifolia Wedd.; Girardinia zeylanica Decne.; Urtica acerifolia Zenker; Urtica adoensis Hochst. ex Steudel; Urtica furialis Bojer ex Blume;
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