Rhopalephora scaberrima (Blume) Faden [ Aneilema protensum (Wight) Wall. ex Thwaites]
Ridley, H.N., flora of the Malay Peninsula (2922-2925)
Fl. Malay Penins.

vol. 4 (1924)
[Monocotyledones, pp. 1-383]
p. 356
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Rhopalephora scaberrima (Blume) Faden

name cited:
Aneilema protensum (Wight) Wall. ex Thwaites
name cited (basionym):
Dictyospermum protensum Wight
name recognized:
Rhopalephora scaberrima (Blume) Faden
name recognized (basionym):
Commelina scaberrima Blume
drawing: J. Hutchinson
family: Commelinaceae
epithet cited: protensus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: scaberrimus,-a,-um

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homotypic synonyms:
Aneilema scaberrimum (Blume) Kunth; Commelina scaberrima Blume; Dictyospermum scaberrimum (Blume) C.V.Morton ex Panigrahi; Dictyospermum scaberrimum (Blume) J.K. Morton; Tradescantia scaberrima (Blume) Hassk.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Aneilema protensum (Wight) Wall. ex Thwaites; Commelina protensa Steudel; Dictyospermum protensum Wight; Floscopa bambusifolia H.Lév.; Lamprodithyros protensus (Wight) Hassk.; Piletocarpus protensus (Wight) Hassk.; Pollia bambusifolia (H.Lév.) H.Lév.;
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6 878358 Rhopalephora scaberrima (Blume) Faden [125 267313 Commelina scaberrima Blume]
H.N. Ridley, Fl. Malay Penins., vol. 4 (Monocotyledones, pp. 1-383): p. 356 (1924) [J. Hutchinson]