Croton tiglium L.
Watanabe, K., Illustrations of useful plants of the southern regions (1944-1945)
Ill. Useful Pl. South. Reg.

vol. 1 (1944)
[Medicinal plants]
t. 101
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name recognized (= cited name):
293307 Croton tiglium L.
family: Euphorbiaceae
subfamily: Crotonoideae
tribe: Crotoneae
epithet: tiglius,-a,-um

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homotypic synonyms:
Oxydectes tiglium (L.) Kuntze;
heterotypic synonyms:
Croton acutus Thunb.; Croton birmanicus Muell. Arg.; Croton camaza Perr.; Croton himalaicus D.G.Long; Croton jamalgota Buch.-Ham.; Croton muricatus Blanco; Croton officinalis (Klotzsch) Alston; Croton pavana Buch.-Ham.; Oxydectes birmanica (Muell. Arg.) Kuntze; Oxydectes blancoana Kuntze; Oxydectes pavana (Buch.-Ham.) Kuntze; Tiglium cumingii Klotzsch; Tiglium lanceolatum Klotzsch; Tiglium officinale Klotzsch; Tiglium pubescens Klotzsch; Tiglium subincanum Klotzsch;
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2 293307 Croton tiglium L.
K. Watanabe, Ill. Useful Pl. South. Reg., vol. 1 (Medicinal plants): t. 101 (1944)