Reichenbach, H.G.L., Icones florae Germanicae et Helveticae (Deutschlands Flora), German ed. with partly coloured plates (1837-1912)
Icon. Fl. Germ. Helv.

vol. 18 (1858)
[Die Labiaten, Verbenaceen, Heliotropeen, Borragineen, Convolvulaceen sowie die fr├╝her unter die Thalmifloren ├╝bergegangenen Polygalaceen der deutschen Flora ]
t. 1286 f. 2
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name cited: 0 Mentha sylvestri-aquatica -
drawing: H. Hummitzsch H. Hummitzsch
family: Labiatae
subfamily: Nepetoideae
tribe: Mentheae
subtribe: Menthinae

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