Rebutia minuscula Schumann
cited name:
Rebutia minuscula Schumann

N.L. Britton, J.N. Rose, The Cactaceae, vol. 3: t. 4 (1922) [M.E. Eaton]

drawing: M.E. Eaton

family: Cactaceae
subfamily: Cactoideae
tribe: Trichocereeae

epithet cited: minusculus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: minusculus,-a,-um

illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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  1. Echinocactus minusculus (Schumann) F.A.C.Weber
  2. Echinopsis minuscula Rebut ex Schumann
  3. Rebutia chrysacantha Backeb.
  4. Rebutia chrysacantha (Backeb.) Backeb.
  5. Rebutia dasyphrissa Werderm.
  6. Rebutia grandiflora Backeb.
  7. Rebutia knuthiana Backeb.
  8. Rebutia minuscula (Backeb.) Donald
  9. Rebutia minuscula (Backeb.) Krainz
  10. Rebutia minuscula (Backeb.) Donald
  11. Rebutia minuscula (Backeb.) Buining & Donald
  12. Rebutia permutata Heinrich
  13. Rebutia senilis Backeb.
  14. Rebutia senilis Backeb.
  15. Rebutia senilis (Backeb.) Donald
  16. Rebutia senilis (Backeb.) Buining & Donald
  17. Rebutia senilis (Backeb.) Donald
  18. Rebutia senilis Backeb.
  19. Rebutia senilis Backeb.
  20. Rebutia senilis (Bewer.) Donald
  21. Rebutia senilis Bewer.
  22. Rebutia senilis (Backeb.) Buining & Donald
  23. Rebutia senilis Backeb.
  24. Rebutia violaciflora Backeb.
  25. Rebutia violaciflora (Backeb.) Donald
  26. Rebutia xanthocarpa Backeb.
  27. Rebutia xanthocarpa Fric ex Backeb.
  28. Rebutia xanthocarpa (Fric ex Backeb.) Buining & Donald
  29. Rebutia xanthocarpa (Werderm.) Backeb.
  30. Rebutia xanthocarpa Backeb.
  31. Rebutia xanthocarpa Backeb.
  32. Rebutia xanthocarpa Backeb.
  33. Rebutia xanthocarpa (Backeb.) Buining & Donald
  34. Rebutia xanthocarpa (Backeb.) Buining & Donald

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Rebutia minuscula Schumann
N.L. Britton, J.N. Rose, The Cactaceae, vol. 3: t. 4 (1922) [M.E. Eaton]
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