Aneilema acuminatum R. Br.
Rowan, Ellis, Flower and bird paintings
Flower & Bird paintings

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Aneilema acuminatum R. Br.

name cited:
Aneilema acuminatum R. Br.
name recognized:
Aneilema acuminatum R. Br.
drawing: E. Rowan
family: Commelinaceae
epithet: acuminatus,-a,-um

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National Library of Australia
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heterotypic synonyms:
Aneilema laxum R. Br.; Aneilema papuanum Warb.; Commelina acuminata (R. Br.) Poiret; Commelina brownii A.Dietr.; Commelina laxa (R. Br.) Poiret; Commelina paniculata Sol. ex C.B. Clarke; Commelina tenuis Roth;
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