Themeda triandra Forssk. | Anthistiria australis R. Br. |
ID illustration: 57133ID basionym cited:69346
ID publication: 177ID species cited:69346
ID volume: 1285ID basionym recognized:1011654
ID genus cited: 20270ID species recognized:1011654
ID genus recognized: 10184

Hooker, J.D., botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror in the Years 1839-1843, under the command of Captain Sir James Clark Ross (1844-1860)
Bot. Antarct. Voy.

vol. 3(2): (1860)
[Flora Tasmaniae (Monocotyledones and Acotyledones)]
t. 156
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name recognized:
1011654 Themeda triandra Forssk.

name cited:
69346 Anthistiria australis R. Br.
W.H. Fitch
family: Gramineae
subfamily: Panicoideae
tribe: Andropogoneae
subtribe: Andropogoninae
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Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Andropogon tenuipedicellatus Steudel; Anthistiria argentea Nees; Anthistiria australis R. Br.; Anthistiria brachyantha Boiss.; Anthistiria caespitosa Andersson; Anthistiria ciliata Cav. ex Sprengel; Anthistiria cuspidata Andersson; Anthistiria depauperata Andersson; Anthistiria desfontainii Kunth; Anthistiria forskalii Kunth; Anthistiria glauca Desf.; Anthistiria imberbis Retz.; Anthistiria japonica Willd.; Anthistiria paleacea (Poiret) Ball; Anthistiria polystachya Roxb.; Anthistiria puberula Andersson; Anthistiria punctata Hochst. ex A. Rich.; Anthistiria subglabra Buse; Anthistiria syriaca Boiss.; Anthistiria vulgaris Hackel; Apluda imberbis Steudel; Stipa paleacea Poiret; Themeda australis (R. Br.) Stapf; Themeda barbinodis B.S.Sun & S.Wang; Themeda brachyantha (Boiss.) Trab.; Themeda forskalii (Kunth) Hackel ex Duthie; Themeda forskalii Hackel; Themeda glauca (Desf.) Batt. & Trab.; Themeda imberbis (Retz.) T.Cooke; Themeda japonica (Houtt.) Tanaka; Themeda polygama J. Gmelin;
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6 1011654 Themeda triandra Forssk. Forssk. [Anthistiria australis R. Br.]
J.D. Hooker, Bot. Antarct. Voy., vol. 3(2): (Flora Tasmaniae (Monocotyledones and Acotyledones)): t. 156 (1860) [W.H. Fitch]