Pistia stratiotes L.

W. Roxburgh, Plants of the coast of Coromandel, vol. 3: t. 268 (1819) [n.a.]

drawing: n.a.

family: Araceae

epithet cited: stratiotes
epithet recognized: stratiotes

illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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  1. Apiospermum obcordatum (Schleid.) Klotzsch
  2. Pistia aegyptiaca Schleid.
  3. Pistia aethiopica Fenzl ex Klotzsch
  4. Pistia africana C. Presl
  5. Pistia amazonica C. Presl
  6. Pistia brasiliensis Klotzsch
  7. Pistia commutata Schleid.
  8. Pistia crispata Blume
  9. Pistia cumingii Klotzsch
  10. Pistia gardneri Klotzsch
  11. Pistia horkeliana Miq.
  12. Pistia leprieuri Blume
  13. Pistia linguiformis Blume
  14. Pistia minor Blume
  15. Pistia natalensis Klotzsch
  16. Pistia obcordata Schleid.
  17. Pistia occidentalis Blume
  18. Pistia schleideniana Klotzsch
  19. Pistia spathulata Michx.
  20. Pistia stratiotes Engl.
  21. Pistia stratiotes Engl.
  22. Pistia stratiotes (Schleid.) Engl.
  23. Pistia stratiotes (Michx.) Engl.
  24. Pistia texensis Klotzsch
  25. Pistia turpini Blume
  26. Pistia turpinii K. Koch
  27. Pistia weigeltiana C. Presl
  28. Zala asiatica Lour.
  29. Pistia trapoides Sessé & Moc.

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Pistia stratiotes L.
W. Roxburgh, Plants of the coast of Coromandel, vol. 3: t. 268 (1819) [n.a.]
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